Reliable Linux Systems
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Reliable Linux Systems
Linux Systems from BorderBound Networks are built to be Fast, Focused, & Reliable
Call us today for an entire network for your office, built on trusted and reliable technologies
at 1/3 of the cost (or less) than Mac- or Windows-based environments.
Network Consultants can always use 
a good WingMan to make sure 
clients' systems are protected, 
            reliable, and easy to administer. 
Network Systems from BorderBound 
cover your flank with 
Fast, Focused, & Reliable Systems.

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Welcome to BorderBound Network Services

BorderBound Networks is focused on the latest technologies for project development, contract programming, network security, filtering, LAN's, and custom-server solutions. We provide stable and cost-effective network services, with solutions built for the needs of individual customers and their specifications. We do this with proven technologies.

E-Mail and Web filtering systems from BorderBound Networks block unwanted email & keep internal users out of unauthorized sites, retaining the integrity of your office network. It augments your acceptable-use policy and saves employee's time by eliminating garbage messages.

Security systems from BorderBound Networks provide a Firewall that blocks out malicious attacks and breaches to your internal office network. Our VPN add-on allows telecommuters secure access to the office network.

LAN systems from BorderBound Networks cover the gamut, from wired to wireless office networks. We also provide campus-wide WAN solutions, bringing together multiple LANs to share existing IT assets and resources.

The server solutions BorderBound Networks builds for clients are custom solutions, tailored to unique needs. We've built web commerce servers, tied to backend systems & e-mail & webmail servers that can withstand high volumes of concurrent users and serve mail with no problems.

You name, we'll build it. That's why businesses, schools, network consultants, & VAR's come to us. Contact us today.




Ask us about specials on used servers and PC gear. We can get you a deal.
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Low-Cost Linux Systems
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